Spray & Swipe Microfiber Screen Cleaner

2019-11-25 10:01

A Hot and portable clenaer...

About this Spray Swipe Microfiber Screen Cleaner:

  • 0.34 oz spray refillable screen cleaner

  • Wrapped in microfiber cloth

  • Wipe across screen to clean glass

  • Includes convenient clear plastic protective sleeve

Before cleaning: fingerprint stains that are difficult to remove

Cleaning: a spray and a quick decontamination

After cleaning: easy to decontaminate without leaving traces

Convenient & practical you need: it is a bottle of spray / also a piece of cloth

Mobile phone screen, portable mirror, screen is as clean as new, spray, grease, fingerprints are not seen

Fit the habits, the gap button designed from the comfort of use

Cleaner can be added and replaced, and the separate bottle design can be replaced with convenient and practical

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